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  • Occupancy Solutions was fantastic to work with. They went above and beyond to market the property and find leads to bring it to full occupancy within the anticipated time frame. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, and respond to questions. We were very pleased with their services and are happy to give them a high recommendation! Ron L.
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  • Having been to many training's in my career, I can honestly say that Elaine Simpson is one of the best in the business! She is my favorite trainer. She is extremely relateable, personable, and very passionate about what she does. She makes the topics fun, interactive and definitely not boring. I have learned so much from her these past 5 years. I truly look forward to her workshops. Rick G.
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  • We were highly impressed with the ability of Elaine and her team to navigate very specific criteria that applied to our applicants. They truly are experts at what they do. We reached our occupancy goal with a remarkably fast turnaround. Caryn W.
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Occupancy Solutions makes sure you are asking the right questions, then prepares proven strategies specific to the unique needs of your Arizona real estate. Most importantly, we focus on team, site-specific, and individualized training for your staff so that they understand, support, and are ready to implement the plan.

Elaine Simpson - Founder & President

Photo of Elaine M. Simpson - Founder of Occupancy Solutions LCC

Ms. Simpson has been employed in the housing industry since 1986. Throughout her career, Ms. Simpson has trained new property managers across the country, assisted in creating “Best Practices” and procedure manuals, participated in numerous task forces during national mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions, and headed “turn around” teams assigned to troubled and distressed communities, successfully increasing income and reducing resident turnover while decreasing expenses and allowing the property to recover economic viability.

Elaine Simpson is a highly rated and sought-after national speaker, consultant and trainer with offices in both Detroit and Phoenix. She is known for going above and beyond in creating workshops, trainings, and keynote presentations that are unique, energizing, and extremely engaging.

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